Multapex is an Australian business which utilises flexible materials to create unique solutions for our customers.

Our Values

We are passionate about working with you to gain a deep knowledge of your application and tailoring a product to match. With over 40 years’ experience, we can be trusted to collaborate with your team and deliver.

Multapex was founded in 1976 with a ‘customer first’ philosophy. Today this focus permeates our organisation as we continually strive to create value for our clients.


We invest time and resources to acquire knowledge across all areas of our business – customers, suppliers, industries, materials, processes, next-gen, education.


We are flexible in our approach and mindset which allows us to solve whatever challenge is presented to us


We are precise and detail orientated in everything we do – conversion, processes, systems, delivery, interactions, finances.


We are committed to pursuing every opportunity and challenge with zeal to achieve the desired result