Whatever your application demands we have a full range of films, foils, non-wovens, laminates, & specialty substrates, to meet your needs.

Transcendia Polystyrene Envelope Film

Procite, Trycite and DWF Clear films are the market leading envelope window films manufactured by Transcendia Inc, in Hebron Ohio.

Multapex Polyester Motor Plain

A heavy gauge Polyester Film specifically designed for applications where superior thermal ageing performance and electrical insulation properties are required.

Multapex Polyester Electrical Plain

Multapex Electrical Polyester films are general-purpose electrical grade films.

Multapex Polyester Clear Plain

Multapex Polyester Clear Film is an optically clear film with very low haze designed for overlay, window, and document storage applications.

Multapex Silicone Release Liners

Release liners can be utilised in a range of industries and applications.

Multapex Copper Laminate

Where aluminium doesn’t provide the desired shielding or barrier performance, we recommend using our range of copper laminates.

Multapex Aluminium Laminate

Our range of aluminium laminates can be utilised as a shielding layer in multi-core electronic, instrumentation, and LAN cables, or as a moisture barrier layer in communication and power cables.

Multapex Polyester Spunbonded Non Woven

Multapex’s range of Polyester Spunbonded non-wovens provide fabrics with excellent physical and chemical properties.

Multapex Monoaxially Oriented Solid PP

Our range of MOPP films are enormously strong and incredibly light mono-oriented films.

Multapex Monoaxially Oriented Foamed PP

Our range of Monoaxially Oriented Foamed PP films have been developed to combine high strength with high surface yield.

Multapex Monoaxially Oriented PP Binder

Looking for a narrow high speed binder with excellent tensile properties? Our range of MOPP Binder Yarns could be the answer.

Aluminium Foil

Whatever your aluminium foil requirement we have a grade to suit.